Tuesday Night’s Racing – Richard Jerome’s Report

Here is Richard’s exciting report from Tuesday night’s racing , his writing style really makes you feel as though you were there. Miles B.

I got a new frame at the weekend and was really keen to give it a good thrashing round Hillingdon. I left work in Slough at 6:00pm and with the wind behind me I managed to get to Hillingdon for 6:45 to sign on and warmup, the bike was handling really well and was much faster than my last frame.

I knew it would be a hard night, but then I saw the blue and pink Volvo’s of PCA and realised I was in for a kicking! I was relived to find a new team mate (who’s name I have now forgotten -sorry) we had a chat about possible team tactics but I think the main objective was to survive.

The race went off pretty hard and we both tried to stay near the front. This worked quite well as due to the tough conditions lots of riders were struggling at the back and leaving gaps open. It wasn’t long until a few gaps opened up and a break formed including PCA, Colin Roshier, ex- Willesden member Gavin Smith and Joel Stewart. The wind was really tough making it impossible to get away but I really wanted to push myself tonight and test out the new bike so I took a chance and had a go at the front and got away for about half a lap, I came round the corner into the wind and it was like riding into a brick wall and I was quickly swallowed up by the bunch.

I was really starting to suffer from several efforts I had put in during the race. I began to notice the field had got smaller and some of the usual riders were watching the race from the sides, so I was pleased to still be in the race at this point. Although there were about 12 riders away in the break I wanted to put in a good sprint and with 2 laps to go Des Gaylor really put the hammer down and strung out the remaining riders in the bunch. However I was placed about 8 riders back at this point and in a good position for the sprint. We came back round and the lap board still said 2 laps!!! There had been a mistake with the lap board and we had to do another lap and by this point I was shattered and did not have anything left in me to contest the sprint. I finished at the back of the bunch.

Really pleased with the bike and the race was excellent training, no Hillingdon next Tuesday as I am getting a kicking from Ed Packard in a2-up!

Top ten placings – E/1/2/3
1. James Millard Plowman Craven RT 1:01:57 28 laps/42km
2. Tony Gibb Plowman Craven RT st
3. Gordon McCauley Plowman Craven RT st
4. Joel Stewart Agiskoviner +0.15
5. Walter Sybrandy Agiskoviner +0.25
6. John McLelland Agiskoviner +0.30
7. Vincent Halpern AWCycles st
8. Colin Roshier Team Quest st
9. Mark Bruce Agiskoviner st
10. Bill Butterworth Team Quest st

Richard Jerome

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