The Wheel Food Doctor!

Exciting news!

From today there will be a brand new column on the blog! Using a sobriquet of “The Wheel Food Doctor”, Melissa Arkinstall will be here to provide her professional expertise as dietitian. She will be giving us practical advice on what to eat and drink during competition, as well as before and after your ride.

Melissa has offered to answer any of your dietary questions relating to your particular cycling discipline. Just email your questions to her at –,

with Wheel Food Doctor in the Subject Line.

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3 Responses to The Wheel Food Doctor!

  1. Edward says:

    My question: will Melissa be cooking us all dinner, to demonstrate what we should be eating?

  2. hippy says:

    Should I bring the dessert or the beer? 😉

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ed – Ha ha, I take the prefered approach of “empowering the athlete” to take care of themselves! All the advice you need and the satisfaction of knowing that you can fuel yourself anytime, any place, anywhere (and not with Martini for those of you young enough to remember the advert!)

    Hippy – Well dessert can be good, try some high carbohydrate, low fat options such as Malt loaf, rice pudding, fruit scone and jam (easy on the cream!), summer pudding or fresh fruit and mango sorbet!
    Melissa (AKA The Wheel Food Doctor)

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