“Westerley Wednesday” evening Time Trial Series.

Last Wednesday (24th April) saw our friends at the Westerly CC run the first of their popular series of  evening time trials at the Hillingdon circuit. Unsurprisingly, the series is  known as the “Westerley Wednesday”!

The time trial covers 11 laps of the Hillingdon circuit, totalling  10.35 miles (16.66 kms) and is run every two weeks until the end of August, first rider is off at 7pm, but this moves  back to 7:15pm when there is more light (see exact dates and times below).

Despite last Wednesday being a cold and windy evening,  38 riders were present. This included two of our club mates in the Road Bike category. Both riders were decked out in Willesden kit and they were Rob Courtney and Jayne Paine. Rob went on to post an impressive 24:29.2 and Jayne was the fastest woman with a 28:15.6. Well done The Willesden!

Rob said “I’d recommend the event series”. “It is chip timed and suitable for all abilities. It’s also a good 20-40 minute effort to track improvement through the season. Most people are racing against their previous times rather than for the win!”

The entry fee is £10.00 (£5.00 for Juniors) and this covers the cost of all timing equipment and circuit hire. There are two types of categories

  1. Time Trial Bike category. You are allowed to ride time trial or triathlon bikes, wear a full aero helmet and use deep section wheels inc. disc wheels etc.
  2. Road Bike category. You can use a mountain bike or road bike but we don’t allow any aero clip on bars / time trial / triathlon bars. No pointy aero helmets, no disc wheels. Wheels should be no deeper than 60mm.

Both categories are non-drafting. This being important for safety reasons as well as fairness!

To enter future events – go to the website below and search for “Westerley” in the “Event name/ Description” box :


For more information about the event, have a look at the Westerley’s web page https://www.westerley.cc/racing/time-trials/hillingdon-10s/

Results are published here:

Dates and start times for the Westerley Wednesday

8th May, 2024 – 7pm start

22th May, 2024 – 7:15pm start

5th June, 2024 – 7:15pm start

19th June, 2024 – 7:15pm start

3rd July, 2024 – 7:15pm start

17rd July, 2024 – 7:15pm start

31rd July, 2024 – 7:15pm start

14th August, 2024 – 7:15pm start

28th August, 2024 – 7:15pm start

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