Wet ‘Ed!

Inspired by Mike ‘Scott of the Willesden’ Ellison’s adventures with hypothermia last weekend, I decided to brave the elements and cycled from Ealing to Maidenhead tonight – in the pouring rain – for the Maidenhead and District CC club 10.

I arrived too early, so sat shivering in the organiser’s car for a bit before being sent off first. Why do all these other cycling clubs have a tale to tell about the Willesden?Clearly the cold was good for my muscles – I did a 24:16, which is my third fastest 10 time of the year, notwithstanding the rubbish conditions and my non-TT apparel (except for the obligatory aero hat).

Was overtaken after 7 miles by ex-world class rower, upcoming track star and national TT champ Rebecca Romero, who’d started a minute behind me, and she then put another 15 seconds into me before the finish. She recorded an impressive 23:01, which I think was fastest time out of an unsurprisingly small field.

Ed Packard
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