Stratford Velodrome 2015

We have the track booked for 21st February 2015 from 13.00 to 15.00 and we can have 32 riders. So far I have 22 riders who wish to attend. List below if you wish to attend and are not on my list please let me know. Cost is £12.00 for over 18,s and £6.00 for under 18’s. You must have some track experience to take part.

Hannah Keating, Sean Bannister, Connor Woodford, Ray Kelly, Graham Simpson,

Tim Nisbet, Kye Lewis, Roger Woodford, Darryl Lusardi, Alex Pierce, Gildas Braine,

Ryan Finestone, Rod Woodford, Richard Jorome, Adam Huddle, John Williams,

Sam Grant, Halil Mehmed, Derek Hewins, Stuart Hewins, John Wheatley, Tom Zittel





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6 Responses to Stratford Velodrome 2015

  1. Tom says:

    If you don’t have track experience you can do the Level 1 Taster Session at the velodrome before hand.


  2. Simon Wicks says:

    Yes please!

  3. Kulvinder says:

    Tony – if there are still spaces could you book Natasha onto this (15) and Vincent – they both have some track experience from Calshot and Herne Hill

  4. derek says:

    Hi Tony, I was wondering if you could add my son, Maurice to the list if there are any spaces left? We went for the taster session today and he loved it. thanks

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