Trophy Winners 2014 – Final list

This is the final list of the trophy winners for 2014. As you can see some have been revised to no winners, this is because it was decided at the AGM that the full requirements were not met to award those trophies. Apologies to those members effected. If you require further clarification contact Jim Mears:

Men’s  RR Champion Tony Lusardi
Ladies’ RR Champion Jayne Paine
Vets RR Champion ( R&S Lepertel) Tony Lusardi
Junior RR Champion (Grassmere Cup) Alex Pierce 16 points
Schoolboy RR Champion (Catchpole) Connor Woodford
Schoolgirl RR Champion (St. Leonard) no winner found
Men’s Track Champion (Scott) Connor Woodford
Ladies’ Track Champion (Pays D’ Artois) Jayne Paine
Junior Track Champion (Don Burgess) Alex Pierce
Schoolgirl Track Champion no winner found
Schoolboy Track Champion Kye Lewis
Men’s TT Champion 25, 50 and 100 mile TT. fastest avg. Ed Packard 24.537 mph
Ladies’ TT Champion (Rose Bowl) 10, 25 and 50m TT. fastest avg.  revised- no winner
Vets TT Champion (10,25 and,50 mile TT. fastest avg.) no winner found
Dunning Cup 25 Mile (fastest) Ed Packard 56:41
Alf Peyton Cup 50 Mile (fastest) Ed Packard 2:04:58
Palmer Trophy 100 Mile (fastest) Ed Packard 4:19:33
Erica Spring 10 Mile TT (fastest  lady) Gill Reynolds 24:27
Nick Tidmarsh 10 mile TT Cup ( fastest man) Ed Packard 22:23
Junior TT Champion (1948) fastest avg. revised – no winner
Schools 10 TT Champion (Newey Cup) fastest. Josh Copley 23:20
Hcp. 25 (Jim Revill Memorial Trophy) no winner found
Novices 25 TT (Jackson Cup) Ryan Finestone
Tandem TT Champions (Reg Yate) revised – no winner
Men’s Audax Champion(1935 race committe) Martin Lucas 106 points
Ladies’ Audax Cup (Ville Le Portel) Els Vermeulen 22 points
Audax Merit  (Sans Abandon) to be revealed at club dinner
Audax  Tandem (S. Grison) no winner found
Schools Audax/Touring (Jean Bardol) Hannah Keating- IOW & Semaine Federal in France
The Jack Eason International Trophy Ian Oliver-London to Istanbul
WCC Stayers Trophy (12/24 hr.) Marcus Jackson-Baker 24Hr TT   375 miles
NYGL Sportive Cup Dave Morrison
Willesden Friathon John Burke
Marshalling Trophy Ron & Gladys Purdy
Mug of the Year To be revealed at club dinner
Sash of Honour To be revealed at club dinner
Hill Climb Trophy Tom Zittel  1min 46sec
Ceramic Fish to be won at club dinner
Champion Tout Terraine / off road Rich Cooper
Freewheeling Contest Ian Why
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7 Responses to Trophy Winners 2014 – Final list

  1. Ian Why says:

    I think you need to change the Stayers trophy recipient to Hippy!

  2. Gladys Purdy says:

    I agree Hippy should have the Stayers Trophy. We will fight John Wheatley for the Marshalling Trophy- Club 25, Vets 10’s-2 Vets 25.

  3. Ray Kelly says:

    hippy is definitely due at least the Stayers trophy. He did the most miles and is the current world champion.

  4. Hippy says:

    My 24hr wasn’t CTTv though so you’d have to check your rules. I don’t want to take it off Marcus if he’s done it properly.

  5. Jim Mears says:

    Thanks to everyone who has sent comments however I would have rather received suggestions to my email address with details of why a trophy recipient should be changed.
    As I understand it, the club trophy year runs from 1st of November until the 31st of October the following year; this is what I based the above results on. I do agree that Stuart does deserve recognition and possibly a special medal; this can be discussed at the AGM.

  6. Ray Kelly says:

    My mistake, sorry Marcus. A worthy winner.

  7. Gill Reynolds says:

    ? Tony Lusardi for vets RR champ – I know he has ridden at Hillingdon circuit and possibly elsewhere.

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