The Fryathlon – Results


The annual “Fry” took place last Sunday and the results can now be officially released – let the writs fly.

Event 1 – The Downhill 
1st Ian “whoosh” Why
2nd John “sonic boom” Burke
3rd The Captain
4th Ray “Kit” Kelly
5th Jayne Paine – Floats uphill/ floats downhill!

Event 2 – The Fried Breakfast
Equal 1st – Ian Why, John Burke, Ray Kelly, Jayne Paine
2nd The Captain *

* The Captain fell victim to more experienced Fryathletes in this demanding section of the competition. Though the Captain proved highly competent with a knife and fork, he was decisively flicked off line meaning he had no choice but to opt for a low scoring American breakfast. Meanwhile, the rest of the field romped home with the highly tactical All-Day Breakfast.

Event 3 – The Up Hill.
1st John Burke
2nd The Captain
3rd Jayne Paine
4th Ray Kelly
DDH** Ian Why

** DDH = Don’t do hills.

Overall positions
1st John Burke
2nd The Captain
3rd Ian Why
=4th Jayne Paine & Ray Kelly

Frymakers & Commisaires = Miles Back and Ian Why

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4 Responses to The Fryathlon – Results

  1. Ian Why says:

    3rd overall and I DNFed. Should have done the hill climb, bugger!!
    Or maybe not!

    • kevin Falvey says:

      well done Ian, great to see you still at the top of your game, and I reckon if you had done all the events you would have been challenging for the rainbow jersey, but I beg to ask the question where was my brother?

  2. justin says:

    Hero’s everyone! As a past winner of this prestigious trophy (tip :I had an extra sausage – worth 10 extra points) – I can only express my admiration for the winner. SPOTY Yes! without a doubt.
    P.S. Does anyone remember, “Jumbo,” RIP Descending in a superman position lying with his stomach on the saddle & feet extended? People say he had two water bottles full of lead weights to give him momentum…Never one to miss an angle – Miss him much…xx

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