Now we are on Twitter too!

Willesden CC updates are now available straight to your moby via the technological marvel that is Twitter.

Our Twitter presence will not replace the established blog/web site, but will supplement it (not that type of supplement!) with brief toothsome nuggets of Willesden centric news and information. By joining (or “following” in Twitter speak) you can Txt short 140 character messages from your moby directly to the internet.

Some suggestions for using twitter is to quickly and easily let the club know –

– Your results from Road Racing, Time Trialling and Track.
– Update us where you are on an interesting Audax and where on earth Mel might be!
– Keep in contact during your tours and expeditions.
– Let others know what rides you are thinking of doing.
– Who won the sprint for the town sign during the Sunday club run.
– Who winning the argument at the club’s monthly meeting
– Reminders for upcoming events and deadlines
– Etc.

We already have a few “early adopters” but it would be great to have more.
Just go to and “Follow” us there.

Miles Back
10 Sept 09

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