"Come On Richard, we’re almost there"

This is hilarious French video made by Remi Gaillard, who seems to be a well known French prankster. In this film he assembled a completely false cycle race finish on top of a mountain. He then ambushed ordinary cyclists out for their usual Sunday afternoon ride.

Remi’s attention to detail is impressive, the false crowd includes a “mooner”, there are motor cycle out riders, a commisaire’s car, sirens wail and the crowd go into ecstasies as the rider/victim approaches. He is mobbed as he crosses the line, kisses fly in all directions, an interviewer fires questions and trophies are proffered.

It is a reasonably authentic atmosphere, though Remi’s enigmatic explanation at the start of the film is not helpful – “It’s by doing whatever that ones becomes whoever“. Err…Sorry Remi ?!

All together huge fun and all the cyclists, though bemused, take it well.

I loved it!

Miles Back
08 Sept 09

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