2009 Willesden Road Race – 13th September

This Sunday sees one of the premier events to be held in the Willesden calendar – the John & Dulcie Walker Memorial Road Races at the Hillingdon circuit.

Will all club members please attend, either helping or racing. Either way you should proudly sport your Willesden kit. Jumbo James will need help in organising the day, so don’t let an embarrassment of numbers prevent you from attending.

There are two events –

Cats 3 and 4th (Band 4) start at 14:00
Race length is 1hr + 5 laps
Entry fee is £18.00 (EOL)

Elite, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Cats Band 2 start at 15:30
Race length is 1.5hrs + 5 laps
Entry fee is £18.00 (EOL)

THe Hillingdon Cycle Circuit is at
Hillingdon Cycle Circuit
Springfield Road
Off A4020

Please be there to support your club.

Miles Back
10 Sep 09

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