Willesden races at Hillingdon

The Ronster took these pictures at last Tuesday’s Hillingdon circuit races. It was good to see so many members there and an honour to see the road team – Richie “Fluff” Jerome, John Williams, Tom London and Jim Mackay – in action.

John, Richie, Tom and Jim establish a dominant position as the peloton heads out to the start. Rich Cooper is out of shot (in Ealing).
John Williams moves easily and swiftly through the bunch.
A tactically astute John Williams drifts an unknown Kenton RC rider off the back before heading forward to replenish Richie’s bidons. In the background is the new nuclear-powered clubhouse.
Tommeke London was always in contention in the 4th cat race. Jim Mackay lost contact late in the race, exhausted by his pre-race efforts to avoid Ray Kelly’s attempts to sell him a club jersey.
The peloton on the major climb of the day.

Richie Jerome wearing a sensible vest. Richie finished well in the E123 race.

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