TT report – 19/20 June – UPDATED

Let me know if I’ve missed anyone.

Gill Reynolds rode the Women’s National ’50’ Championships in Hampshire and did a season’s best 2:18:43. That’ll set a fair mark for the Veterans Cup. She also won a medal as the fastest in her age group. The event was won by Julia Shaw (Utag in a Competition record of 1:46:46.

Photo: Gill Reynolds riding a Harold Hill CC event on the E31

Ron Purdy rode the Farnham RC ’10’ at Bentley in 30:54 – three minutes faster than last year.

Brian Moon rode the Century RC ’10’ recording a 27:44.

I travelled to Monmouthshire to ride the Cwmcarn Paragon RC ’25’ on the Usk course and recorded a season’s best of 1:0:35. It was a bright day, but the headwind to the turn was tricky. The event was won by Ceri Pritchard (Planet X) in 50:24.

Four of us rode the Farnham RC ’25’ on the Bentley course (H25/8). A cross wind made the going tough all the way round. Fastest Greenie on the day was Peter Cookson with 1:01:06. I recorded 1:03:01, Ludovica Bruno returned a 1:08:29 in her first TT of the season and Chris James did a 1:09:20. Fastest was Martin Williamson (London Dynamo) with 54:44.

Coming up…
On Saturday 10th July there’s a ’10’ on the fast P613/10 near Andover run by the Antelope RT. Check that it’s on that course before entering though – roadworks are threatened. There’s an East London Velo ’10’ on the E2/10 and a middle markers (slowest 120 riders) ’10’ run by Bedfordshire RC on the F1B/10.

Sunday 11th July looks a bit thin for opens. There’s a Westerley CC club ’25’ on the HCC114 at 8am and a Maidenhead & Dist CC club ’25’ on the HCC001 at 3pm (both EOL). I’m hoping to ride the National ‘100’ Championship that day if you fancy diverting the club run towards Norwich.

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