Willesden CC Reliability Trial 2012

It’s only the 19th of February and the Willesden CC present one of the most eagerly awaited events of the year. Yes, it’s the reliability trial.

Who’s been training? Who’s fit? Who’s fat? Who’s going to try to pass off a Cervelo with Zipps as a winter bike? Who’s been practising their puncture repair skills? Oh yes, the Reliability trial has it all. Except racing.

Remember, ITS NOT A RACE.

Its not a sportive either, which is why we only charge £10 (a mere fiver for the 60km version)

The practicalities are as follows.

100km version is fully signposted, the 60km version is route sheet only.

100km route can be seen here (subject to change) http://www.bikely.com/maps/bike-path/Willesden-Reliability-Ride-2009

Signing on commences at 8.30am, start time is from 9.30 for the 100km (we’ll set you off in groups), 9.40 for the 60km from here:


Finally, catering will be provided by the Willesden Ladies. purveyors of legendary cakes!


Oh, and and if you must crash, don’t crash into the organiser. Thanks.

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