….and the winners of the WCC 2011 awards are-

Congratulations to brand new club member, No Winner, who bagged most of the trophies!


Road Race

Johnny Walker Senior RR Champion – No Winner
Dulcie Walker RR Champion – No Winner
Men’s RR Champion – Roger Woodford
Ladies’ RR Champion – Jayne Paine
Junior RR Champion – Lauren Savage
Schoolboy RR Champion – Simon Passey
Schoolgirl RR Champion – Kirsten Savage


Men’s Track Champion – Roger Woodford
Ladies’ Track Champion – Jayne Paine
Junior Track Champion – Lauren Savage
Schoolgirl Track Champion – Kirsten Savage
Schoolboy Track Champion – Connor Woodford

Time Trial

Men’s TT Champion 25/50/100 – No winner
Ladies’ TT Champion 10/25 – Gill Reynolds
Vet’s TT Champion 10/25/50 – No winner
Dunning Cup Fastest 25 – Peter Dixon 53:45
Alf Peyton Cup Fastest 50 – No winner
Palmer Trophy Fastest 100 – Russell O’Malley 4:38:04
Erica Spring Cup Fastest Lady 10 – Gill Reynolds 24:51
Nick Tidmarsh Cup Fastest Man 10 – Peter Dixon 21:16
Junior TT Champion 1948 Cup – No winner
Schools 10 TT Champion Newey Cup – No winner
Jim Revill Memorial Cup Hcp. 25 – Tony Savage
Jackson Cup Novices 25 TT – No winner
Tandem TT Champion Reg Yates Cup – No winner


Men’s Champion – Peter Turnbull-216 points
Ladies’ Champion – Wendy Mears – 22 points
Audax Merit Cup – Martin Lucas
Tandem Champions – S.Grison Cup No winner
Schools Audax/Touring Jean Bardol Cup – Robert Wheatley


President’s Trophy – Peter Turnbull
Stayer’s Cup 12/24 Hr. – Stuart Birnie 425.84 miles 24 hr.
NYGL Sportive Cup – Stuart Birnie
WCC Friathon Shield – Jim Keogh
Marshalling Trophy – Ron and Joy Purdy
Hill Climb Trophy – Stuart Birnie
Sash of Honour – Jayne Paine
Mug Of The Year – Ron Howard (for denting his car on his way over to be guest speaker at the D&D)

Jayne Paine is our Ladies’ Track Champion and continues to perform fantastically well on the track, winning 3 medals at the World Masters. She has gone to Australia for 6 months and continues her racing over there, but we want her back to resume her success with the Willesden.

John Williams and his team successfully organised two WCC Reliability Rides at the beginning of 2011. Ray Kelly will be organising it this year so help from Willesden members will be gladly accepted.

For 2011, we were the top AUK club with Peter Turnbull, Paul Stewart, Mel Kirkland, Martin Lucas, Richard Jennings and Liam Fitzpatrick gaining the top 6 points total. Peter Turnbull won the Audax Men’s Individual Champion and Liam won an award for Services to AUK. A full set of Super Randonee Audax events were organised by WCC in 2011 for PBP qualification. Ian Oliver, did a grand job in organising the Willesden over in France with sterling help from Vyv Baker, Marianne Harding, and Steve Oliver. Peter Turnbull was also busy riding in the States as well as becoming SPOTY -winning the Bucks Herald Sports Personality of the Year – look out Cav!

The road race unfortunately did not take place last year, but the Willesden Cycling Club Machine will step into the breach to make sure it happens in 2012 with Chris James hopefully back in action to lead the event. This can only be successful if he gets plenty of support from other Willesden members.

Thanks to Mick Paddington for stepping into the Time Trial Secretary role with enthusiasm. Peter Dixon again took a clean sweep of the Club’s Time Trial awards with Stuart Birnie taking the Hill Climb. Gill Reynolds continues to reign supreme as our Ladies’ Time Trialist Champion, who will challenge her?

We seem to have some excellent young riders coming along and we will be looking to them to replace our older stock. Well done to Kirsten Savage who has already won two Imperial RT Winter races for 2012.

Congratulations to Annie Birch who became First Lady Veteran for the CTC’s 2011 Tourist Competition. A well deserved result.

Thanks to Julie May for organising the New Year’s Day Parade. To say that this Year’s parade was like ‘Singing in the Rain’ would be an understatement.

Take a look at the trophies on offer and see what you could win in 2012.

(Above is taken from the D&D Menu)

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  1. Gladys says:

    Mug of the year was Ken Howard not Ron Howard.He was a film star in my young days.

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