Westerly vs WCC

The honor of the Willesden darts team was left in the non too capable foursome of Sean, Kel and Ron and I. None of us had thrown a dart since the last encounter with the Westerley many months ago.

The Westerley quickly established a strong lead but didn’t have the necessary skill to get the required double easily. Sean, coached by Ron, improved rapidly, Kel pleading a sore elbow could not get a dart on the board.

We reached down as far as 5 and I threw a 3 leaving Ron to get double 1. Unfortunately he remarked” We could win this” With their next dart the Westerley got the double.

Pity there wasn’t more club members there as we had to help them out eating the refreshments. There was so much food that we were asked if we wanted to take home a doggy bag.
Cheers Gladys

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