Richard’s Race Report – 18 Dec 07

Despite the freezing cold weather I decided to race again at Hillingdon, luckily this week was dry but cold made up for it.
The race started off at a steady pace and the bunch were carefully watching Chris Moores, the series leader There were numerous moves from the top guys and with 7 laps to go a Sigma Sport rider rode off the front with amazing speed and left us all for dead. There was no reaction from the bunch and it looked like he would be gone for good.
I’d got involved in a few moves during the race but with no real success, I’m not really strong enough to do anything too exciting. With a lap to go I wasn’t in the best place for the sprint so I rode off the front and was quickly joined by a few riders. They were not willing to work with me so I backed off and saved it for the sprint. I managed to recover well and made up several places in the sprint finishing 15th.
I’ve now trebled my score for last season with a total of 3 points. Quite pleased with the result and showing some form for the new years day parade.
Richard Jerome
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Boo, I manage to find out where you had finished by looking on the Imoaerial Racing Team site. Don’t you have a fwd button on your computer Richard?

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