Westerley Evening 10m TT #1

Jumbo and I rode the first of the Westerley CC evening 10m TTs at Hillingdon last night. These events are a great way to try out time trialling in a safe environment. You ride eleven laps – actually about 10.4 miles.

This was the first TT where the new circuit transponder system was in use. Wires were carefully laid across the track, transponders attached to ankles and computers set up. This led to a slight delay in the start, but results were available immediately after the finish. the only thing they need to do now is to find a way of telling the riders when they’ve finished 11 laps! In normal circumstances I can count up to eleven without too much strain, but when racing four is about my limit.

Twenty riders started. The fastest was Roy Brook (Sigma Sport) with a 23:57. Chris returned 30:10 and I did a 28:24.

These 10s will run fortnightly through the Summer with the next event on Wednesday 28th April.

Lance Woodman (TT sec)

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