Tuesday night – Hillingdon circuit

With Richard Jerome still suffering from a cold and Rich Cooper at a Spice girls gig, this left John Williams to fly the Willesden flag.

Report from John…..

Not exactly a glorious start to the season but enjoyable(ish) none the less. Un-surprisingly a large field in both races and with a howling North easterly making it very, very fast on the back straight and then like hitting a wall on the start/finish for the lads on the front and a mad, brake squealing frenzy behind. We caught the 4ths after 4 Laps (!!) on the start finish. There was the inevitable coming together and I got punted off onto the grass. Luckily my superior bike handling skills kept me upright (ahem). They didn’t keep me in the race though. I couldn’t get back on as the group was going down the back straight at 34+mph and i couldn’t get near that by myself. I had a word with the commisaire and took a lap out and got back on. As i was towards the back of the group i dropped out at one to go and missed the last lap stupidity. Mark Wilmott got taken out, he didn’t look badly hurt.

Two lessons learned:

1. 50×12 is not enough.
2. I’m very unfit.

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