Welwyn Track League Results – 17 June 2016


Tom Zittel: Results are out from last fridays track league.

Alex was once again riding the As while Connor and I were riding the Bs.
We had a load of supporters come down too.

10 Lap scratch – Andrew Perrin Full Gas Racing, Joshua Crow Stewart Hemel Hempstead, Nathan Blackmore Welwyn Wheelers, Connor Woodford Willesden CC

10 Lap Block Pursuit – Nathan Blackmore Welwyn Wheelers, Joshua Crow Stewart Hemel Hempstead, Tom Zittel Willesden Cycling Club, Simon Best Full Gas Racing

Devil – George Georgallides Finchley RT, Nathan Blackmore Welwyn Wheelers, Conor Woodford Willesden CC, Andrew Perrin Full Gas Racing

In the overall standings Connor further distanced himself from the rest in 1st while I am in 2nd.

Hoping the rain passes through before friday night!


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