WCC Trophy List for 2013 part 2.

Here is the list for Time Trial, Audax, and othe tropies for 2013.

Men’s TT Champ. 25/50/100 miles..Stewart Birnie Ave. 26.246mph
Lady’s TT Champ..????
Vet’s TT Champ…????
Dunning Cup fastest 25tt…….Stuart Birnie 55:45
Alf Peyton Cup fastest 50tt….Stuart Birnie 1:53:38
Palmer Trophy fastest 100tt….Stuart Birnie 3:56:09
Erica Spring fastest lady 25tt..????
Nick Tidmarsh fastest man 10tt…Alexander Pierce
Junior (16-18 yrs)TT champion …????
Schools 10TT champ…Connor Woodford 26:10 (10/7/13)
HCp 25 Jim Revill Trophy…Nick McCullough 1:03:22
Novice 25 TT….??????
Tandem TT Champs…Jane Swane/Arabella Maude
Men’s Audax…Martin Lucas 113 points/Lady’s Audax Arabella Maude 33PT
Audax Tandem Jane Swain/Arabella Maude
Stayers Trophy…Stuart Birnie 24Hour 518.372 miles.
Moutain bike/Off Road…Richard Cooper
Contat Jim Mears JMearsWCC@aol.com if you can add to or make any changes to the trophy list.    THANK YOU..

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4 Responses to WCC Trophy List for 2013 part 2.

  1. Gladys Purdy says:

    Pity the club dinner is on the same night as the CTT Awards dinner. Wither goest thou, Stuart?

  2. hippy says:

    Yeah, I was stoked to be able to finally get my hands on all those trophies I missed last year but I found out the other day about the date clash so I’ve had to pull out of the club dinner to get my Nat Champ medal at the CTT dinner. Maybe next year? 🙂

  3. Gill Reynolds says:

    Yes shame. I will also be going to the CTT dinner to pick up my award and to give Stuart applause. Gill

  4. Wendy Mears says:

    Arrrgg – all our winners are going elsewhere – I think I will give up on the Willesden Dinner

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