WCC Trophy List for 2013

Here is the list of 2013 trophy winners as I can figure out at this time. If anyone can show that someone else is elageble please contact me ASAP. To see if you may be elageble refer to the trophy list on the web site which will explain what is required to win. your contact is Jim Mears email: JMearsWCC@aol.com.

Men’s RR Champ….Richard Jerome-38 points
Lady’ RR Champ….Jayne Paine-30
Vet’S RR Champ…???
Junior RR Champ….Alexander Pierce-3 points
Schoolboy RR Champ.Kye Lewis-90 points
SchoolGirl RR ChampKirsten Savage-3 points

Men’s Track Champ…Roger Woodford
Lady’s Track Champ..Jayne Paine
Junior Track Champ..Alexander Pierce
Schoolgirl Track Champ..Kirsten Savage
Schoolboy Track Champ…Connor Woodford
Time trial, Audax, other trophies to continue on next post.

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