Ride a Sportive, win a trophy

Your club has a special award for riding sportives.

If you would like to give a shiny award a good home for a year and have ridden at least one Sportive this year, you can apply. Email me, Ian Oliver, ianoli2010-audax at yahoo dot co dot uk, with a list of events you have completed since 1 November last year and a few words or pictures suitable for the blog and Jim Mears, our esteemed trophy secretary, and I will decide who to give it to.

No hard cut-off date, but please apply in the next few days, as Jim will have to sort out engraving in time for the club dinner in January. You have to be a current member of the club. if we reckon you’re untrustworthy we will ask you to provide proof that you have done the sportives, like copies of finishers’ certificates.

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