Time Trials

Congratulations to Mick Paddington for his sterling efforts in gettings so many club members to ride yesterday.

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  1. ed says:

    I am curious as to his methods: carrot or stick?

  2. Ian Birch says:

    Here are the start times for Sunday 20March
    53 Peter Dixon 08:53
    54 Ray Kelly 08:54
    55 Brian Moon 08:55
    56 Chris James 08:56
    57 Halil Mehmed 08:57
    58 Tiny Savage 08:58
    59 Harmeet Dhiraj (L) 08:59
    60 Balneet Dhiraj (L) 09:00
    61 Tom London 09:01
    62 Russell O’Malley 09:02

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