Photos from the WLC Time Trial

Thanks to Ron and Gladys Purdy for these.
(Results at the bottom)


Peter Dixon 22.58 Scr. 22.58
Jayne Paine 24.56 6.30 18.26 1st Handicap
Tom London 25.23 5.00 20.23 2nd Handicap
Rich Cooper 27.43 6.00 21.43
Chris James 28.00 5.30 22.30
Halil Mehmed 29.17 7.30 21.47
Joanna Austin 29.28 8.00 21.28
Gill Reynolds 30.23 4.00 26.23
Ray Kelly 31.14. 7.30 23.44
Brian Moon 32.26 6.00 26.26
Harmeet Dhiraj 32.59 11.00 21.59
Balneet Dhiraj 33.49 10.00 23.49
Brian Wright 34.16 11.00 23.16
Mick Paddington 34.46 7.30 27.16
Suzanne Cooper 35.19 8.30 26.49
2nd Claim Members
Lance Woodman 26.57
Ian Birch 29.30
Annie Birch 33.19
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8 Responses to Photos from the WLC Time Trial

  1. Tom’s got a good aerodynamic position, even on a road bike.

  2. Suzanne Cooper says:

    Please can someone explain the Scr including how this is calculated if you’ve not ridden one before. Thanx

    • Scr = Scratch, or a handicap of 0:00. The Scratch rider is the fastest on past form. The handicapper then assigns a h/c to the other riders based on how far they are expected to finish behind the scratch person. This is based on a rider’s best ride in the last 3 years, knowledge of a rider’s form and/or a conservative guess (in that order). The handicap is then subtracted from your actual time to give your h/c time. So you, Sooz, as a newbie, were expected to finish 8 and a half minutes behind Peter (conservative guess as it’s your first event). This is subtracted from your actual 35:19 to give you a h/c time of 26:49. Your next h/c will be based on your new personal best.

      Well ridden by the way.

  3. Suzanne Cooper says:

    Scratching, itching! Thanks Lance for the helpful explanation. It all makes sense now. However, the expected 8 and a half minutes behind the fastest rider assgined to me, whilst flattering was rather unlikely – having twice ridden a 10 mile at Hillingdon coming in at over 36mins i would have put it at higher (around 14), but never mind- it doesn’t really matter, i know, it’s all about the next ride, if there is one ;)!

  4. Gladys Purdy says:

    The club did have a rule once No time no handicap. However I felt it made it more interesting for new riders if I gave them one based on half the maximum plus 2 minutes for the gents and 3 minutes for the ladies.
    Handicaps for the 25 will be on actual times ridden in the last 3 years or if no time I will calculte it on recent 10 times. Don’t forget that I have access to previous rides so no” porky pies” Gladys

  5. Rich Cooper says:

    Okay now I am also confused.

    Sooz’s best 10 time (Minuet park last year) was 36:30 (or something close to that).
    Subtract 22:58 (scr time) = 13:32
    Divide by 2 = 6:46
    Add 3 minutes for being a lady = 9:46

    Is that right?

  6. Gladys Purdy says:

    Sooz did not give me a time to work on. Peter Dixon on Scratch has done just over 20 minute for a 10 so handicaps were based on this.

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