South East Women’s Time Trial Series (SEWTTS)


The South East Women’s Time Trial Series (SEWTTS) is a new time trial series for women. It consists of 11 events and has been designed to promote competition in a friendly and encouraging environment. SEWTTS is the work of Rebecca Slack, who has been the National 100 mile champion twice, and finished on the podium in the national 10, 25, 50 and National Hill Climb. Rebecca’s aim is to create a friendly and unintimidating environment for women of all abilities.

Those taking part in the series will be categorised by their personal bests, ranging from Elite class riders through to Novice categories for first-timers with no PB. This categorisation has been included so that women can compete against others at the same level, this means that the focus will be on competition rather than on gaining fast times on fast courses.

Joining the SEWTTS costs £10, if you are interested in finding out more then please go to

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