Club Run – Wendover – Full Report

This week, no-one fell off.

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  1. kevin falvey says:

    The last time the FAMOUS FALVEY’S went to Wendover Woods was when we lost the bunch and could only find Jabberwakies in the woods ( refer to monty python for reference ), and when we did eventually find the green machine we had to eat magic mushrooms and drink from the water fountain, because the price of coffee, bread and water, could not justify our coinage, alas we were first back, roll on water and magic mushrooms. We will be back!!

    • Fred Hampton says:

      Kev Falvey…. I once had a mate with the same name, just wondering if that is you and you’ve switched from running to cycling ?…if it is you you can contact me at if I have the wrong KF, apologies and thanks for your time.

      • Kevin Falvey says:

        Hey Freddie it is me, How you doin you old cobber, and what country are you in. The last I heard of you, was that you emigrated to Australia, became a fireman, and got killed somewhere in the outback. Not true hey, would be great to hear from ya mate. kev.

  2. Seán Bannister says:

    Relieved to learn all stayed safely upright.
    Must humbly apologise for absence and not leading the clubrun astray for a second week.
    Seán xx.

  3. Kevin mcdonald says:

    Kevin are you the hillingdon ac kevin ? I’m planning to join willesden club runs this year look forward to meeting up!

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