WCC at Brooklands 1939

Adam Huddle reported on Facebook “I thought this might be of interest. I was at Brooklands the other week (volunteer steward) and spotted this ,I took a photo of it. 100 miles works out to be about 36.5 laps of the track.”

Ian Why added ” The machine examiner F. Greenaway is presumably Frank Greenaway who I remember when I first joined The Willesden. And no it wasn’t in 1939 before you lot start!!”

WCC Brooklands




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  1. Stan Vygus says:

    I do remember this event, my dad was a memberof W.C.C. and took me there on the tandem. I was 10 years old at the time so memories of the actual event are a bit hazy. But the names of officials bring back memories.

    Chief Commisaire J.F.”Fredie” Ditchman was a well respected track official well into the 1950`s.

    Jack Wilks competed in everything, a very useful track rider and time trialist and captain of the club Polo team.

    A “Tubby” Bayford, also a good alrounder.

    Judges Charlie Bowtle was a good track rider especialy at pace following.

    Likewise Bob Haine, later a track official.

    Timekeeper J.T. tommy Wells was president of West London C.A.

    Frank Greenaway was about the most loyal club man you would ever meet

    R. “Dick” Wilks was Jack`s brother, club timekeeper and handicapper for many years, also club secretary.

    Arther Solomons was club Chairman and Bill Nash was another alrounder, have a go at anything.

    The cycling scene was very much different than it is to-day. Three months after this event, we were at war and most of these mentioned were in uniform.

    Jack Wilks was in the Army service core, a lorry driver, about one year after this event he was ferrying troops to the Dunkerque beeches. his last orders were to get this lot to Dunkerque, blow up your vehicle and swim for it. this he did and spent the rest of the war in the far East.
    Tubby Bayford also served in the army but discontinued cycling later. Frank Greenaway served in the Fleet Air Arm, Arthur Solomons also served in the Army as did Bill Nash who also went East.

    Most of those mentioned came back into club and helped forge the Willesden who ruled Herne Hill in to 1950`s.
    I think this programme, priced Twopence was probably seen in a glass show case, but if Adam Huddle could get a photo of the inside with a list of riders, no doubt I would recognise other names with further memories. That is of course if members are not bored with club history. But it is HISTORY.

    Regards to all Stan Vygus.

  2. Gill Evatt says:

    Just seen this. I’m Bill Nash’s daughter, Gill. Am I right in thinking that the Willesden club organised the original round Britain races?
    I think my father and Jack Wilks held the tandem mile record for many years which was broken in the 1980’s.
    And I have my fathers medals somewhere.

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