Serendipitous Cycling

It was our first bike ride in over two months and it was not just our chains that were starting to rust!  So our aims would be modest – a short flatish ride around some of our favourite lanes in Bedfordshire. A planned route that barely nudged 50km and with only a few hundred metres of climbing looked just the ticket.

Following an hour’s drive to the start of the ride, a cafe and toilet was the first priority. Plus it would also replace the need for a mid ride stop. We climbed off at one of our usual cafes, with a whole 5km on the clock! After a relaxed break, we embarked on the ride proper, enjoying the sensations of being back aboard our wheels.

With only 10km of the ride left to do, I began to feel “the bonk” make an appearance. We had passed a cafe a few miles back, but I thought I could push on to the finish. Whilst pausing at a quiet junction in the middle of the countryside, I began to rue my decision and wished we had doubled-back to the cafe.
But hang on? What’s that sign over there say??
It said CAFE!
It said Cyclists welcome!!
It said OPEN!!!

It felt like an hallucination but Mrs Back confirmed she had seen it too. The cafe was just yards away and it was called the Cowshed Cafe.

The Cowshed is not only a proper cycling cafe, but by a further amazing coincidence it is also run by an old friend of the Willesden CC, Mr Rob Mortlock and his wife!! What a moment of wonderful cycling serendipity!

Rob’s cafe is superb and I urge you to try it out if you are anywhere near the area. I will also organise a weekday WoW ride to try their excellent coffee and great snacks.

An Oasis

The Cowshed is at Oak Farm, Bedford Road, Northill, SG18 9AW . It is open Wednesday to Sundays, but check their website for opening times before you go –

Rob and his wife’s attention to every detail in the cafe is highly impressive. From the velodrome themed table top to the CowShed jerseys and capes for sale. A TV projector streams the latest cycling races and there is a good stock of beers too!

Mrs Back and myself certainly wish the Mortlocks every success in this great new addition to the cafe scene.

Miles Back

Rob at the controls

Mystery box

Plenty of high quality Cowshed merch available

The rather wonderful Tracked themed table top

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