Simon Doughty – Report feb 2007

Recently Ian and Pauline Why together with Sean Bannister visited Simon in Hospital in Sheffield. Whilst it is encouraging news, Simon injuries are still very serious.

Here is Ian’s report

“Pauline, Sean Bannister and I went to see Simon on Sunday. We were pleasantly surprised to see him awake. He recognised us and looked up when I showed him my plaster.”

“Although he has no power of speech yet he nods when he understands a question. He even laughed when Pauline suggested he and I ride the next PBP on a tandem. He also smiled when we mentioned Rocco.”

“He gets very tired and closed his eyes a lot. Sean told him about his trip to Australia and he seamed to take some of it in.”

“Two of his neighbours turned up as we were getting ready to leave and they said he seems to have improved since just after Christmas. They had brought some flowers and he took one and was smelling it.”

“Pauline could not reach him to kiss him goodbye so kissed her fingers and went to touch his lips but he reached up and kissed her fingers.”

“He has obviously got a very, very long way to go but at least seeing him has given us some encouragement.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear all,
    This is Simon’s niece Louise.
    Just to let you all know Simon has started to speak and you can have a normal adult conversation with him. Sometimes he gets confused and he might not know what you mean. He’s also having trouble at remembering some people. Otherwise he’s doing absolutely brilliant and he’s on the road to recovery. Simon would love to see some of his friends, so if you could visit him he’d really appreciate it.

    Louise Ibbotson
    p.s he’s also got his sense of humour back!!

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