Reliabilty Ride – Italian style

Today was the turn of the Willesden CC to host the fifth round of the Chiltern Classic Series. The Italian flavour of the event was reflected in the ride names, 100km Al Forno and the 60km Al Dente. The Guide (or should that be Guido) Hut was full of riders called Alfonso, Beppi, Guiseppe and Valentina. The air was thick with orders for expressos and cappucinos …. but I may be making some of this up.

There was a excellent turnout of riders and Ray Kelly needed the services of Securicor to bank the proceeds. There were a few mishaps on the course, but thankfully the Willesden helicopter was not needed on this occassion. For an event with a reputation for summoning the worst possible weather of the winter, we got off scott free. No wind, mild temperatures and just a little rain. It must have been the Italian influence.

Many thanks to Ray Kelly for organising the event, and to all riders who proudly sported the Willesden kit.

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  1. Edward says:

    An observation from my Italian friend, Lidia:

    ‘By the way:
    cicloteca, not ciclotecca. Pretty rare word, but means collection/meeting of bikes.’

    Ciclotecca is apparently something entirely different, possibly involving masks and straps.

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