Riverside to Riverside Ride – Wednesday 16th August

1 ride – 2 cafes, 1 river

Many of you may know this ride, previously organised by Mick Hill and John Tipping.   It really does show the best of 3 counties Berkshire, Bucks and Oxfordshire.   Starting at Jenner’s cafe there are a few ups at Marlow and  Turville before the great descent down to Watlington.   The ride goes through some pretty villages before half way stop at the riverside in Benson.   The second half of the ride takes you across open farmland at Ipsden and visits the  Maharajah’s Well at Stoke Row.   Going through Henley sees you on the home strait back to Maidenhead via Knowl Hill,  Fifield and the Fat Duck in Bray.

Happy to take entries on the line.  A cheap day out £4 to Audax/ CTC members.

Anne Mograby

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