Pixy to replace Turbo Torture for one evening!!

Marcela WakehamThe lovely Pixy (more often known as Marcela Wakeham) will be running a physiotherapy session on the Willesden club night of  Friday 24th October between 7-8pm.  This will replace the usual Turbo training session for one week only. The cost of Marcela’s session will be the same as Turbo, ie. £3 for Adults, £1 for the U18s

Marcela’s Athletic Performance Enhancement System has been developed for athletes. It is a fusion of a variety of disciplines and therapies such as yoga, pilates and dance to:
• Strengthen and condition muscles
• Increase flexibility and mobility
• Balance your musculoskeletal system
• Aid recovery and prevent injury.

In cycling we like to push our bodies hard and to their limits. But even if we perform with accomplished technique, some parts of our body will be stiff and lack range of motion because of repetitive movements. This may create an imbalance in our musculoskeletal systems, with some muscles too strong, overused and tired, and others dormant and weak by comparison. This imbalance can affect  joints, creating damage to our ligaments and eventually injury.

Marcela’s aim is to help us remove the patterns of movement that are out of balance, and to isolate common movement errors that can cause injury and rob us of speed, power and endurance.

Marcela will also help us to focus on helping us understand our body’s needs and to take responsibility for ensuring we obtain our maximum performance potential. Her classes are fun, challenging and most of all – effective!

To take part bring a mat (a yoga mat would be ideal), or a couple of towels to place on the floor. If you are a really lean racing snake then your bones might also enjoy the benefits of a small (or even fluffy!) cushion.


More about Marcela…
Marcela is an experienced yoga, pilates and dance teacher. Through many years of learning and teaching, she has acquired a deep knowledge of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. Using this expertise, she has devised unique approaches to movement therapy founded on mind-body awareness.

Marcela encourages students to listen to their own bodies and work only in ways that feel right and safe. What she offers is a total body/mind education specifically orientated towards the athlete.

For more details about her courses you can email Marcella at anamarcelayoga@googlemail.com


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