PBP Support Team – Now recruiting!

The Willesden have an enviable reputation for the support we provide to our riders on the Paris-Brest. In 2003 we had a marvellous team of Jim, Wendy, Jan, Diane, Vyv, Akiko and John Brooking. As if by magic they appeared at most of the controls along the 1200km route to provide the riders with food, water and a place to sleep.

This year Wendy, Akiko and possibly Jim will be riding the event having been bitten by the bug in 2003. Diane, John B. and Jan are calling it a day after supporting numerous PBPs in the past.

Several people have committed to providing support for 2007 event, but we need more to provide effective support to the Willesden team. So if you would like a ring side (or road side) seat for this amazing event, then this will be your last chance for four years.

The event runs from 20th to 24th August 2007, but you should reckon on being be away from 18th to 27th August. Your costs will be covered, but you should feel comfortable with camping and dealing with any weather the event throws at us.

If you would like to know more about providing PBP support to the Willesden riders then please contact me at willesdencyclingclub@yahoo.co.uk.

John Davies

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  1. pbp films says:

    Hi WillesdenCC – good to see that you will be well represented at PBP2007. I shot a documentary of PBP2003 and there a a couple of WillesdenCC jerseys in the final film… check out:


    for more info. See you all in Paris in August!

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