News from Holland – Ivo’s first Audax

Yesterday was the first brevet I’ve ever organised.
A 200km BRM going in a big loop around the German town of Aachen. Participation was a bit small, with only 29 riders. But those that came were a good mix of experienced randonneurs and newbies.
With the start right at the border I had an international crowd, Dutch, German and Belgian randonneurs. All of them very satisfied afterwards. The only incident was Mario being caught by an opening cardoor. He limped to a railroad station with a sprained ankle. The cardriver admitted guilt on an official insurance paper so official matters will be settled without problem.
The fastest riders were back after 8h30, being slowed down considerably by their speed. The last group was back after 11h55, treating it as a very touristic outing.Some photo’s are available at next rides are at 22.4 (300km), 5.5 (400km) and 27.5 (600km)


Well done Ivo, it can’t be easier producing route sheets in three languages.

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