Paris-Brest 2011 – Bulletin 4

Jim Mears has called me to say that Wendy has had a bit of a spill on her way to Brest. A rider overtook her far too closely, clipped her arm and knocked her off. She has hurt her knee and elbow as well as buckling her front wheel. The wheel has been sorted and she is soldiering on, brave lass.

Yoshi is the only rider not to have reach Brest yet. Martin is getting within smelling distance of Paris and I feel sure he will be there before my bulletin tomorrow morning.

Vyv has told me that the weather has been poor over the last 24 hours with thunderstorms and heavy rain for the riders as well as the support crew. They should really try holding this event in the summer.

I’m sure Gladys will be rushing out membership forms to Camp Willesden at Loudeac as we seem to have acquired a few new riders!

Full details of the riders can be found here


Miles Back – 18:40 23 Aug 11


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  1. Ian Why says:

    Go Wendy!!!

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