Paris-Brest 2011 – Bulletin 5

Martin Lucas completed the Paris-Brest this morning at 2:46am – I hope they let him into his hotel room at that hour! Well done Martin.

Wendy may be taking some much needed sleep at Carhaix as she has not reported into Loudeac just yet. I think she may have only had 90 minutes sleep since leaving Paris on Sunday night.

I am not sure what has happened to Yoshi, he left Loudeac for Brest but there is no sign of him appearing at any of the other controls down the line.

Mike-the-Bike has arrived at Fougeres in 58hr 21mn, he has to complete the remaining 300km to Paris in under 80hours to gain his coverted Vedette brevet. That’s a pace of around 15kph, which should be within Mike’s comfort zone.

All our other riders are at the Willesden Camp at Loudeac. This will be closing later this morning and moving to Montagne for the final support tonight.

Full details of the progress of all the riders is here.

Miles Back

07:20 – 22 Aug 11

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