Paris-Brest 2011 – Bulletin 6

For all us Wendy fans I’m afraid the game is up. I spoke to Vyv earlier this evening who confirmed that Wendy had climbed off between Carhaix and Loudeac. The time she lost as a result of her being struck down by another rider plus the swelling to her knee and elbow meant that she had to stop. It was clearly the right thing to do.

The rider who caused the collision had fully realised what he had done, but he did not have the decency to stop to help. Instead he chose to ride off, leaving Wendy at the side of the road with a buckled wheel and unknown injuries. To that rider I have the following words, when you return home give all your bikes away, take all your cycling jerseys and all your cycling mementos and watch them burn. Never ever again climb on a bike again, nor ever watch a cycle race or ever speak about our beloved sport again – you are unworthy of the brotherhood of cyclists.

The good news is that Wendy has by now made her way back to Paris where Jim has arrived to meet her. Wendy had the fitness and mental strength to finish this ride, she has proved that to all of us over the past year of qualifying. She undertook this event with the respect that it demands and she was not found to be wanting.

I have some more positive news about Yoshi, He has somehow become separated from his transponder, which explains why his times have not been showing. I understand he is making his way back to Paris but is suffering from stomach problems and is eating very little apart from a few grains of rice. Yoshi is made of resolute material and will somehow finish I’m sure.

Miles Back

20:30 24 Aug 2011

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  1. Ian Why says:

    What a ride by Martin “Kawasaki” Lucas supurb!
    And what a bummer for Wendy.
    She looked to be going so well.
    I just can’t believe someone could do such a thing. I agree with John’s sentiments completly.
    I hope he rots in a ditch!!

    • Wendy Mears says:

      Hi Guys,

      Thanks for all the support. I was very distraught after the fall, a motorcycle PBP controller got me up, dusted me off, and sent me on my way, but the stuffing was knocked out of me after that. The consequence of being slow is that time lost due to unforeseen circumstances is really hard to make up. Anyone fancy buying a bike? Wendy xxxxx

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