Paris-Brest 2011 – Bulletin 2

Final update for today (it takes ages!). The big news is that Martin Lucas has reached the turn in Brest in a shade under 26 hours. That’s an average of 23.8 km/h for the 618km including all stops. Chapeau Martin.

All riders with the exception of Mel K (he didn’t start until this morning!) have reached Tinteniac. The Willesden Support camp at Loudeac is steadying it self for a very busy night as our riders start to arrive there. Good luck Marianne, Vyv and Steve!

I had a question from Gladys asking why Wendy has been left off the list. As far as I can see she is on the list and is certainly making progress towards her sleeping bag at Loudeac.

I notice a number of our riders do not have a check-in time for Fougeres, I suspect this may be a glitch with the transponder system, which is a new innovation for 2011.

For details of all Willesden riders click here

I’ll do another bulletin tomorrow. In the meantime Night all!

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