Paris-Brest 2011 – Bulletin 1

Every four years (even) more madness takes over the Willesden CC as Paris-Brest fever rapidly spreads. A highly contagious condition that has affected some members six or seven times. Yesterday the 17th Paris-Brest started with 22 Willesden riders on the support line and a support crew of three (Marie, Vyv and Steve Oliver) who will be based at Loudeac and Montagne.

Martin Lucas is already established himself at the head of the course with 364km completed an an average speed of 25.4kph (including stops) – he is already a quarter of the way around the course and he’s not been riding a full day yet!

Full details of all the riders and their progress can be found here – I’ll try to update this a couple of times a day through this week.


Miles Back (wishing he was there)


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  1. Gladys Purdy says:

    Why has Wendy been left off the list?

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