New Years Day Parade – Details

I have received our instructions for the New Year’s Day Parade.

We are number 18 in the parade which means that we will be to the head of the Parade. The meeting point is in the Blue assembley area. Entry to this area is at the junction of Horseferry Road and Millbank. We will be along Millbank towards Abingdon Street. (Near to the Houses of Parliament).

The organisers have requested that we assemble between 10.00am and 11.00am. In practice, only our vehicles will need to be there so early as sometimes the road gets blocked with other large vehicle entries. So long as you arrive by about 11.30am on your bikes, all will be well.

Please wear a version of the Willesden kit. You won’t need cycling shoes as the event is very stop-start and there will be periods when we will be stationary. Wrap up warm underneath. It had been known to be nippy on New Year’s Day.

It will be an amazing day and a fantastic experience for newcomers and old hands alike. We will end the parade with our traditional celebration refreshment. The club’s official warming drink being Baileys and hot chocolate. There will be hot drinks at the start and some food on hand to stop us getting the bonk.

The Slipstreamers will be with us as usual and this year let’s get the largest Willesden Group ever in this amazing event.

Please put January 1st in your diary and join the parade.

Ray Kelly.

If you have any questions for Ray, then email him via, with “NYD” Parade in the subject.

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