Richard’s Race Report – 08 Dec 07

Well again it was looking a bit dodgy with the weather on Saturday. It was raining all day and I wasn’t sure if I should ride, I’ve had a cold all week so I decided to take the car down so I didn’t have to ride homewith soaking wet clothes.

The first few laps were very dodgy whilst we all found out limits round the corners, the circuit was very wet and since my crash in August I’ve been a bit of a girl at cornering. After 4 laps the race split up into 2 and I am afraid I got caught out in the back half, I tried to get across to the other group but it was too late and the fast guys were really pushing at the front.

I spent the rest of the race doing my turns and we were picking up a few riders along the way. I was trying to conserve my energy for the sprint but at the same time I was determined to keep the speed up so we could keep catching riders. We were lapped with 5 laps to go and things got confusing. Some of our group decided to take advantage and get on the back of the fast group. We were quite frustrated at this and there was quite a bit of shouting going on, with all the confusion I didn’t realise we were on the last lap and the pace increased up the finishing straight. I still managed to get 3rd in the sprint (20th overall) which was good considering I wasn’t really prepared but I need to concentrate more next week as I think this is letting me down.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Pity you can’t let the Press Sec know by Monday so that she has something to report!

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