Mille Miglia – Progress Report 3

Peter Turnbull has just passed through the penultimate control, he has completed 1485 kms in 117 hrs 34 minutes. He has just 114kms to do before the finish in Milan.

Ray Kelly packed earlier in the week, having got fed up with constantly getting lost. Ray is not sure where Mark Brooking has got to, as no time has been recorded for him since control 3 on Tuesday lunch time. Ray reckons he is still out on the course and will get home under his own power and is his own time.

First home in Milan was local boy Tarcisio Paolucci with 71hrs 23m. In total 88 riders have now arrived back in Milan. John Barkman looks to be the quickest Brit with 94hr 35m, and within the last few minutes Judith Swallow finished with a 117hr 51m.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    To whoever is writing up the report on this event I would appreciate if you would let me know when Peter finishes so that I can report it on Monday to the local press. Thanks, Gladys.

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