Miglia Mille – Progress Report 2

The 1600km Mille Miglia has now been running since 8:30pm on Sunday Evening.

Peter Turbull is going well and is the lead Willesden rider. He passed through the fourth major control (Gaiole in Chanti -980kms) in 66hrs 31min. He is now tackling the 354km stage to Passo Pianazze, which he should reach by mid afternoon today (21/8).

Mark Brooking has still not reached the Gaiole in Chanti control and is running close to the time limit. He really needs to get to this control by around 7:00am this morning to keep on schedule.

Unfortunately it looks as though Ray Kelly may have packed as there is no report of him passing through the third control located at 595 km. He would have needed to reach there by around mid night Tuesday evening. I suspect he has found a nice bar somewhere!


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