Last weekend of Road racing

This weekend see’s both Rich Cooper and John Williams attempt to gain their 3rd cat licences.

Richard has 9 points and John has 8 points and both need to make it to 10 to make it to 3rd cat. They both have plans to race at MOD Chertsey on Saturday morning as their final race. However of they don’t make it then they will be racing another event at Hillingdon later on in the day.

Good luck!!!

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4 Responses to Last weekend of Road racing

  1. Richard Jerome says:

    Well actually there are still some races left but no 4th cat races!

  2. John says:

    I’d have made 3rd ages ago if my lead out man was any good!

  3. Richard Jerome says:

    Make 3rd cat and I’ll be leading both you and Rich out on tuesday nights at Hillingdon to win the best placed 3rd cat prize.

  4. Coopa says:

    Me and john have a plan, a flip of a coin before the race will determine which of us is going to take a dive and bring down the field in a spectacular crash on the back straight, leading the other rider to glory.

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