They did it……..just!

The plan……

Race at MOD Chertsey in the morning, finish in the top 10 and go out for a nice pub lunch to celebrate. If not then head to Hillingdon for the afternoon and try again, but our lads don’t like doing things the easy way.

John Williams had a puncture half way in the race and had to pull out to save himself for the afternoon race, whilst Rich Cooper went a bit too early and had to settle for 12th place whilst nearly wrecking his legs in the process.

Things were looking bad, including John’s tube replacing skills but after a brief lunch and some recovery drinks they were back in action at Hillingdon and John managed 5th place and Rich managed 8th place both securing their 3rd cat licences for next year. An excellent result for both of them considering the earlier efforts.

Well done!!

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