Results Round up

I have just managed to get some of the results from our Track Championships held at Calshott last weekend. The winner was Simon Wicks and the Ladies Champion Jayne Paine. Our 2nd claim members, who are in the Hillingdon Slipstreamers until they reach the age of 16, rode brillantly. Dan Maslin and Stephanie May showed the adults how speedy they were.

Ed Packard made a return to racing after a 5 week layoff due to health problems and rode the East Anglian 25 on Sunday finishing with a 1.01.12. Gill Reynolds was the 2nd fastest lady with 26.33 in the West London C.A. 10 mile near Oxford in which Pete Cookson recorded 24.19.

Liz Creese ran an Autumn Assortment Audax event from Ruislip in which over 60 riders took part covering distances of 50Kms, 100 kms or 200 kms.

On a sad note. Over 100 people from local cycling clubs attended the funeral of Gwyn Doel on Thursday. She was a long time member of the club and was well known throughout West London for her famous chocolate sponge cakes.

Gladys Purdy

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5 Responses to Results Round up

  1. Edward says:

    It wasn’t health problems, just laziness! Or the fact my PhD wasn’t getting written. I did have a lump cut out of my neck, but that’s only served to reduce my overall body weight.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That was your Adam’s Apple. You are male ( I have seen you in a skinsuit ) , it is normal. Ask them to put it back . Unless you have your other lump removed.

  3. Richard Jerome says:

    Who’s Adam??

  4. Anonymous says:

    It was an aero-lump banned by the UCI.

  5. Richard Jerome says:

    Ed’s going to all lengths to improve his “aeroness”.

    He should have sold the lump for science and got himself a dedicated TT bike!

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