Jack Eason 200 Struggle ride. Competition to create a route

A route is needed for this new ride commemorating Jack, which will be run on the same day as the renamed 10 Thames Bridges and Kaf-to-Kaf and I will hopefully get expert help designing it and then running the event. There will be a competition for best route, or given that the winner’s prize will be less than life changing, maybe it will get crowd-sourced.

The ride will be on Sunday13th April 2014. It will start from Maidenhead and it needs to be at least 200km from start to finish. The route selection will be based on:
1 Quality of the route – are the roads mainly quiet and scenic?
2 Quality of the controls – are the stops decent?
3 Your explanation of why your route should be chosen.
The route submitted needs only to be roughly viable, i.e. close enough to 200km it can be tuned to meet the AUK rules

The prize will be a pair of plimsolls, free entry for two on any of the three Jack Eason rides in 2014 and an appropriate bottle of something.

Details and Rules

1. Entry is open to anybody
2. You should submit a route and a list of suggested controls for en-route pit stops and an explanation of why your route should be the chosen one. The judges’ attention span is quite short, by the way.
3. Suggesting Info controls is optional. A GPX trace of the route is preferred, but if that’s difficult a list of the main points the ride should go through will suffice.
4. The closing date is midnight 31sh October 2013. The result will be announced soon after and the plimsolls will be awarded on ride day.
5. Please email entries to ianoli2010-audax at yahoo dot co dot uk and include your name and contact details.
6. The start point should be assumed to be the Riverside Gardens, Maidenhead – same as the other rides.
7. Entries will be judged by me and Mr Why and our decision is final.
8. The organiser will make up other rules as he goes along, as necessary.

Background info.

The 110 ride is published and the route can be found at http://ridewithgps.com/routes/3191110. The control for it and the 62K ride is Dinton Pastures near Winnersh, but your route does not have to go there.
You cannot cycle through Windsor Great Park after dusk

Jack’s inspiring audaxing life is described here.

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