Caption Competition

A Willesden CC cap to the best “cap-tion” (as judged by Vyv Baker) for this picture of Paul Stewart and Arabella Maude on the Paris-Brest.

To enter use the “Comments” link below – good luck

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8 Responses to Caption Competition

  1. Miles Back says:

    “OK Sir, a Number 1 all over ….. but you shave your own legs”

  2. Gladys Purdy says:

    I think you are just about cooked to perfection.

  3. hippy says:

    They still know what you’re thinking – the foil should go around your HEAD!

  4. Ian Why says:

    No the UCI are bound to ban it. Best we stick to green lycra!!

  5. Ray Kelly says:

    Something for the weekend sir.

  6. Martin O'Connor says:

    “Arabella, that guy nicked my can of coke.”

  7. John Wheatley says:

    FOILED AGAIN! A rider’s cunning plan to beat the food queues at this year’s PBP controls by disguising himself as a chicken leg were foiled when he was found to be undercooked. Paul Stewart of the Willesden Cycling Club, a master of disguise, said

    “There’s no foiling this year’s organisers. I thought I had the food queues beaten this year, but I was spotted when I tried to cross the road trying to re-enact an old joke and get to the front of the queue. I chickened out and was detected. I just wasn’t brown enough. It seems my plan wasn’t foilproof after all.”

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