Paris-Brest-Paris – from the support organiser

After the grim grind in 2007’s rain, I entered again in the hope that I would have good memories of a PBP. 2011 exceeded all my expectations: all sorts of weather – mostly good and lots of tailwind, a fantastic amount of support from local communities along the way and the companionship of fellow riders.

The Willesden support team of Vyv, Marianne and Stephen were superb. Once I was out on the road, I could concentrate on, and enjoy my ride as they had everything in hand. Turning up at the locations, food was efficiently produced and the bedding was ready for a kip, with more food and drink when you got up, help filling bottles etc. to get back on the road. Fantastic!!!

Also getting team Willesden round was a team effort: John Davies, Liam, Ray, Wendy and Yoshi all provided invaluable help behind the scenes, both before and after the event.

It all worked. Thank you.

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  1. Miles Back says:

    Ian, Thank you very much for the citation. You did a fantastic job of getting the whole “Brest-Feeding” operation underway.

  2. Liam Fitz says:

    Our support was the envy of many other riders – and made the difference between me failing and finishing.

    Thanks guys

  3. Wendy Mears says:

    The support were fab and gave encouragement as well as valuable support.

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