Jenny has asked me to let you all know that Brian died last night,(April 25th) in Majorca. He was at a training camp with Don Mason. Full details will be available later. I am sure that we all extend our deepest sympathy to Jenny and family as he will be sadly missed by so many in the cycling fraternity.


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  1. Catherine Ostler says:

    Brian was the most encouraging, kind and selfless man I ever had the priveledge of knowing and his passing will leave a deep hole in the cycling community. My prayers and thoughts go to Jenny and his daughter and grandchildren. RIP a great man.

  2. I just came back home to read this on Facebook and I am devastated at this news.

    Brian Wright was one of the kindest, most helpful people I have ever met and gave so much invaluable encouragement and advice to both my wife and daughter in their cycling and me in my coaching.

    He was a gentleman in the truest sense of the word and will be sorely missed by anyone who was lucky enough to come into contact with him over the years.

    Our sincerest condolences go to all of his friends and family

    Peter, Rose and KT Metalli.

  3. Theresa Abbott says:

    Brian, a wonderful man in every way. Truly selfless in helping others. A great loss, thoughts are with his family.

  4. Steve, Julie, Stephanie, Elliott and Nathan May says:

    Brian will be sadly missed by all who knew him. All have been touched by his
    extremely friendly manner and huge character.

    My family and I wouldn’t be where we are today without Brian. It is due to his passion and enthusiasm that we are so involved in cycling now.

    Our hearts go out to Jenny and family.

    Love and Best Wishes at this saddest of times.

    Steve, Julie, Stephanie, Elliott and Nathan May

  5. Ralph , Carol , Mark , Simon Passey says:

    None of us would be as involved in cycling if it was not for Brian .
    He will be missed by us all .
    Our thoughts are with Jenny and family .

  6. Mick Paddington says:

    Just heard the sad sad news. Am so upset, Brian was an inspiration to all of us, always a smile on his face and his enthusiasm for cycling and the Willesden was just amazing. Words fail me now. God bless you Brian, you will be missed greatly

  7. Suzanne Cooper says:

    It’s hard to believe that Brian will no longer be with us out cycling.
    He recruited many of us to the Willesden, particularly ladies. He helped us to build up our confidence, skills and speed around the track and out on the road and we are all better cyclists because of him. I hope I am as fit as he in years to come- he beat me in a TT last year!
    He will be surely missed.
    Love to the family, Suzanne

  8. Martin Elliot says:

    I cycled with Brian many time in Majorca. He was an inspiration to me and helped me enormously with my L2 coaching course. He is going to be missed by many many people. May he rest in peace.

  9. Gail Hannah says:

    Brian was one of the best friends that I have ever known.
    I am shocked that I will never have the chance to see him again.
    Jenny, I hope you can feel our love. xx

  10. Keith Wilmot says:

    A very sad day indeed. Brian was one of my main mentors in my coaching “career”. He will be greatly missed by a huge number of people. Condolences to Jenny & the rest of Brians family. RIP Brian.

  11. Kulvinder Hambleton-Grey says:

    I think everyone that knew Brian must have some item of his that he had given them. He was the kindest man I have known and I always knew in my heart that I was very lucky to have met him. I had not yet got to the stage where I could cycle on the roads without him by my side and now he has gone, its unbelievable. He was so selfless with his time and I don’t remember whether I ever thanked him properly for that.

    My heart goes out to you Jenny and your family. Vincent and I and Natasha and Sophia will always remember Brian as a very special person in our lives.

  12. Steve, Hannah, Emily & Harriet Mellor says:

    Anyone that knew Brian will echo all the comments above, I thought I knew a thing or two about cycling….I didn’t. Brian, in his own individual and helpful style, taught me and the family so so much more., to which we will be forever grateful.
    Condolences to Jenny and the family.

  13. Maurice Joyce says:

    Brian was a great friend, family friend, mentor, coach will be missed with everyone that has know Brian.

    A great person to work with who had such a passion with cycling and coaching.

    Our thoughts are with Jenny and family.


    Maurice, Liam, Frances

  14. Adrian, Tracey, Charlotte and Georgina Masters says:

    We as a family feel blessed to have known such a wonderful, kind, selfless man. He always made time for everyone, and nothing was ever too much trouble. From his encouragement at Slipstreamers, Field End Junior School and our first club road ride with him last month, his legacy will live on in all of us.

    Our love and condolences go to Jenny and the rest of the family.

  15. martin godwin says:

    I was cycling in Mallorca with Brian last week. He was a wonderful selfless riding companion and I had only just met him, and was hoping to get to know him much better. I am very sorry to hear this and I send my best wishes to all his friends and family.
    Martin, Bigfoot CC, Kent.

  16. Alex Stout says:

    I also cycled with Brian just a few day before he passed and am shocked and saddened at the news. I had also just met him and for me he was one of the most kind hearted men I have ever met. He inspired me and his many storys of past cycling trips kept us all riveted.

    My thoughts and best wishes go out to his family.


  17. Maurice Joyce says:

    Pictures That Were Taken Of The Club Run In Memory Of Brian Wright – 29th Sunday 2012

  18. Joanna Austin says:

    Brian was the man who encouraged me to get into cycling. He was a fantastic mentor and coach who was selfless and always willing to help. He had real intuition and gave me many a kind word at a difficult time in my life. He will be missed by all.
    PS Brian if your looking down, Bruce has kept his promise 🙂

  19. Briand Beausoleil says:

    I had the privilege of cycling with Brian at the latest Majorca training camp days before he passed away. I was already making plans to introduce my son and wife to Brian on his return and was singing his praises to all.
    Over dinners at the end of each ride he would launch into his “I’m reading your mind and figuring you out” routine, which had the desired effect of making me want to please him and work harder on the bike. This in a matter of days of being around him. If that isn’t the sign of a true coach, I don’t know what is.

    Its evident to me Brian was a very special human being and his spirit will live on in those he touched. It was an honor to know him, even for such a short time. My thoughts go out to his family at this time.
    Briand B.

  20. I also was cycling with Brian in Mallorca and he “read my mind” too! He was so lovely – I was lucky to have met him and I’m so sad that our first meeting was to be our last. What a shock. Martin and I were already looking forward to cycling with him again next February and to get to know him better and to learn more cycling tips from him. As others have said, he was a very generous man and was a great encouragement to me in the 10 days we spent with him. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.


  21. Josie Heffernan says:

    Brian was such an encouragement to me over the years. He always did have a soft spot for the girls, but the way he made us feel so valued as individuals was a gift. I’m glad that we can look back on his impact nationally, locally and individually and give thanks for his dedication, commitment and love. Thank you Jenny for allowing him to give so much of his life to the world of cycling. God bless you Brian.


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